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  Annual Newsletters  

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  Archaeological Field Work  

Alqueva Dam Project Neo/Chalcolithic excavation Portugal Aug-Sep 2000
American Expedition to Petra Nabatean excavation Jordan Jun-Jul 2000
Riparo Tagliente Upper Palaeolithic excavation Italy Sep-Oct 1999
Isernia La Pineta Lower Palaeolithic excavation Italy Jun-Jul 1999
The Ometepe Petroglyph Project Precolumbian rock art Nicaragua Jan-Mar 1999
Maltese Archaeology Summer School Punic excavation Malta Jun-Jul 1997
KALAT Archaeological survey Italy Aug-Sep 1996
The Footsteps of Man Bronze-Iron age rock art Italy Jul-Aug 1996

  Conservation/Environmental Projects  

Greenforce Coral Reef Biodiversity Survey Bahamas Jan-Mar 2002
Greenforce Coral Reef Biodiversity Survey Bahamas Oct-Dec 2001
Frontier Marine Research Expedition Tanzania Jan-Mar 2001
Frontier Marine Research Expedition Madagascar Oct-Dec 2000
Greenforce Coral Reef Biodiversity Survey Fiji Jan-Mar 2000
Genesis II Cloudforest Preserve Costa Rica Mar-Apr 1999
Douglas Robinson Marine Turtle Research Centre Costa Rica January 1999
Mountain Path Maintenance Italy Sept 1998
Creating a Scenic Path Italy July 1998
Pro Primates Ghana, Colobus Monkey Research Project Ghana Feb-Apr 1998
Indigenous Knowledge of Wildlife Survey Ghana Feb-Apr 1998
Restoring an Urban Park Italy July 1996

  Local History Projects  

Clearing the Via Appia Antica Italy August 1999
Restoring a Medieval Path Italy August 1999
Clearing an Austro-Hungarian Fort Italy July 1999
Abandoned Village Restoration Italy August 1997
Excavating Etruscan Tombs Italy July 1997

  Humanitarian Projects  

AidCamps International Asia & Africa 2002 - 2008
Orphanage Playschemes and Mural Bosnia August 1998
Bosnian Refugee Children's Holiday Slovenia August 1998
Dunjak Shelter Croatia Sep-Nov 1997
Creating Low Cost Housing Italy October 1996
Bosnia and Herzegovina: A brief view Bosnia February 1996

  3rd World Development/Appropriate Technology Projects  

Assessing a reforestation project in Tanzania Tanzania April 2001
Assessing community development organisations in Ghana Ghana Jan-Feb 1998
Introducing fuel-saving cooking methods in northern Ghana Ghana Jan-Feb 1998
Introducing fuel saving cooking methods in southern Tamil Nadu IndiaJan-Feb 1997
Solar Hot Water for SCAD's school for handicapped children IndiaJan-Feb 1997
Anahat Solar Cooker Tests at Sunseed Desert Technology Spain June 1996

  On Holiday  

On safari, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro & Serengeti Tanzania March 2001
Diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt May-Jun 2000

  Essays & Articles  

Article for Salt of the Earth's Saltseller newsletter
How does development affect culture? An essay.
Workcamp Games

  Organizations -- Information on this site  

AidCamps International
Housing Cooperative Il Corallo
International Volunteer Project ("workcamp") organisations
Salt of the Earth

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